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equipment — 55-02-82; metal profile — 52-00-11; utilization — 52-53-76
– 200 видов профилегибочного оборудования
разработано нами за
несколько лет.
– 700 комплектов технологического оснащения изготовили наши специалисты.

Roll forming equipment

PC "Ulyanovski NIAT " offers automated lines for production of bent metall profiles by bending-rolling (including the method of intense deformation) of different metal strip with tensile strength up to 390 mPa.

The line is operated in a mechanical workshop of an engineering plant in the absence of near sources of dust, thermal radiation, as well as equipment impact, causing the vibration. Electronic control of the line must be operated in an environment of artificially controlled climatic conditions at ambient temperature from +10oС up to +35oС and relative humidity up to 80% at +25oС.

Automated lines for producing:

Completion of the lines may vary depending on the type of products. Our experts will help you complete a line and pick up certain types of manufactured equipment for all types of profiles.


  • obtaining profiles of different cross-sectional shape;
  • obtain profiles with a local thickening of the material in the bending zones;
  • production profiles of hard deformable aluminum, steel, including superalloys, titanium alloys and composite materials;
  • obtain profiles with a given longitudinal curvature.


  • obtaining profiles of any complexity cross-section by 4-6 transitions of bending;
  • reducing the cost of manufacturing technology profiles compared with traditional methods in 2-5 times;
  • mobility of reequipment;
  • payback of the machine for less than one year.