PC «Ulyanovsk Research Institute
of Aviation Technology
and Production Organization»
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equipment — 55-02-82; metal profile — 52-00-11; utilization — 52-53-76
– 200 видов профилегибочного оборудования
разработано нами за
несколько лет.
– 700 комплектов технологического оснащения изготовили наши специалисты.

Stamping and punching

PC “ Ulyanovski NIAT ” offers various types of sheet-stamping complexes which allow to produce various form products from roll (sheet) material with the possibility of perforating.

Виды листоштамповочных комплексов:

At the request of the customer data systems can be equipped with additional types of equipment: sheet bending machines, stackers and others.

Completion of automated lines can change depending on the type of products. Our experts will help you to complement a line and choose certain types of manufactured equipment for any kind of profiles.