PC «Ulyanovsk Research Institute
of Aviation Technology
and Production Organization»
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equipment — 55-02-82; metal profile — 52-00-11; utilization — 52-53-76
– 200 видов профилегибочного оборудования
разработано нами за
несколько лет.
– 700 комплектов технологического оснащения изготовили наши специалисты.

Science researches

PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» is one of the leading enterprises of Russia, which is engaged in research activities to improve the technology of Processing of Metals by Pressure, including profiling, production forming machines, cutting complexes.

In PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» are identified several research directions which are currently being studied:

  • research and development of technology for profiles with a given longitudinal curvature
  • research and technology development for the profiles of the coated material
  • research and development of technology for profiles made from hard-to-materials and alloys
  • improvement of applied forming equipment
  • research and develop technologies for profiles with complex configuration, with elements of double thickness, etc
  • Research and development of intersectional devices for profiles of complex cross-sectional
  • development of automatic sheet-stamping systems (including the installation of the filing, shaping and laying)
Each year, workers of the Institute publishes scientific articles in popular journals and collections (Forging-stamping production, Aircraft industry, Procuring production in engineering, Rolling production)

One of the direction is the use of mathematical modeling to analyze the processes of manufacturing curved profiles (forming, perforation, cutting). For this purpose the program dynamic analysis LS-DYNA is used in the Institute.

Using this program allows you to optimize the technological process of manufacturing curved profiles and to identify bottlenecks of the proposed technology before manufacturing curved profiles.

As the results of the research the enterprise has a significant number of patents on the produced roll forming equipment and technology of producing profiles.

Торцевая проводка клети профилегибочного станка
Способ изготовления швеллеров преимущественно из материалов с покрытием
Профилегибочный станок
Пресс для испытания гнутых профилей на локальную устойчивость
Способ изготовления широкополочных швеллерных и корытных симметричных  тонкостенных профилей в роликах
Способ изготовления симметричных профилей
Способ изготовления гнутых профилей с гофрами жесткости в донной части
Способ изготовления корытного профиля
Профилегибочный станок

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