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The company PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» is one of the leading companies in producing of forming equipment for production of metal profiles. All equipment manufactured by us is manufactured using modern technologies of calculation forming rolls in new computer programs, that allows to accurately select the best variant of profiling.

The advantages of our equipment - it is the small size, efficiency and universality, which allows for a single machine to produce a large range of different profiles.

There are several kinds of forming machine (depending on the thickness of produced profile):

  • light series (0,5-1,0 mm)
  • average series (1,0-2,5 mm)
  • heavy series (3,0-5,0 mm)

The individual innovation, used in forming machines, is the use of universal and special between-sectional transitions, which enable qualitative forming of bending zones on difficult profiles, when in conventional transitions forming is impossible. This device, located between the main sections, that does not increase the size of the machine, but it can significantly extend the range of produced profiles, especially the difficalt cross-sectional profiles.

The technology and equipment have been demanded by the market of producers and consumers of bent profiles in today’s rapidly changing conditions of the development of various industries, incl. construction. Using in a production one line of this type, the owner can produce a wide range of profiles, continually increasing the range and volume of production.

PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» provides the full range of services from the elaboration of technical specifications for the required forming machine to the commissioning and warranty service.