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Metal profile

PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» offers:

  • bent metal profiles of a wide range: for the automobile and aircraft industries, the profiles of cladding and insulation of buildings and structures, including siding with fixing elements for roofing, easy-collecting constructions, profiles of internal skeleton of plastic windows (reinforcing profiles) and many others
  • bent metal profiles of any section to be ordered under given on the product CD, including complex-shaped cross-section.

Profile options:

Height – up to 120 mm

Width – up to 500 мм, gofr – up to 1500 mm

Wall thickness - from 0,3 up to 8,0 mm

Radius of a bending (min) – up to the half of workpiece thickness

Thickening in the zone of bending – up to 20%

The specified radius of curvature of the longitudinal (min) – up to 15 heights of the section


Various steel (including stainless steel, heat-resistant)

Alloys (D16, AMg-6, V95, 1420, 1430, ОТ4-1, ABM1 and others)

Coated materials (galvanized, painted, coated)