PC «Ulyanovsk Research Institute
of Aviation Technology
and Production Organization»
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equipment — 55-02-82; metal profile — 52-00-11; utilization — 52-53-76
– 200 видов профилегибочного оборудования
разработано нами за
несколько лет.
– 700 комплектов технологического оснащения изготовили наши специалисты.
30 April 2010
In honor of celebration of the workers day diplomas will be awarded to the best employees for significant contributions to the development of the enterprise PC «Ulyanovski NIAT»
27 April 2010
Obtained a patent №2386508 Method of manufacturing thin-walled curved profile trough type. Patent was issued as a result of running the automated line rolled formed sections nomenclature "Knauf".
8 February 2010
In the ceremonial hall of the Lenin Memorial ceremony was held for presenting regional awards to the representatives of science of Ulyanovsk region. There have been awarded Certificate of Honour of the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Markovtsev VladimirAnatolievich and Letters of Thanks Ilyushkin Maxim Valerievich, and issued a certificate of the scientific school Method of Intensive Deformation.

Activities on the Day of Russian Science took place at PC «Ulyanovski NIAT». Postgraduates Volkov A.A. and Baranov A.S. were presented on topics about manufacturing bent profiles by intensive schemes forming. Their high level of training was marked
2 - 5 February 2010
Our company was represented at the exhibition «Stroytech-2010». Baranov A.S. won the prizes offered at the exhibition