PC «Ulyanovsk Research Institute
of Aviation Technology
and Production Organization»
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equipment — 55-02-82; metal profile — 52-00-11; utilization — 52-53-76
– 200 видов профилегибочного оборудования
разработано нами за
несколько лет.
– 700 комплектов технологического оснащения изготовили наши специалисты.

Metal cutting (longitudinal cutting, cross cutting)

PC «Ulyanovski NIAT» provides services of the longitudinal and transverse cutting of roll material. Metal cutting is carried out on an automated line for the longitudinal cross-cutting. Our equipment allows us to dissolve into strips and cut sheet metal of any length.

Calculating the cost of the order is made taking into account individual characteristics: time, the dimensions of rolled metal, the quality and types of cut.

For large orders, as well as regular clients receive discounts.

Metal cutting:

Cutting metal is produced in the following terms:

  • metal thickness from 0,5 to 2,0 mm;
  • roll width not exceeding 1250 mm;
  • inner diameter of a roll of 540 to 610 mm;
  • maximum external diameter not exceeding 1500 mm;
  • roll weight no more than 8 tons.
Резка металла
Резка металла
Резка металла
Резка металла
Резка металла